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CSHM, the first and only Spanish school in recognition of WACS

CSHM, the first and only Spanish school in recognition of WACS

The Centro Superior de Hostelería Mediterráneo (CSHM), the first and Orly Spanish school to obtain the recognition of the World Association of Cefs Societies (WACS).

On the morning of April 23th, Ragnar Frikridsson, General Manager of WACS – considered as the world’s leading authority in institutional cooking – presented to the directors of CSHM in Madrid and Valencia with decorations verifying the new conditions on the schools and rewarding them for their quality of teaching, facilities and their newly distinguished training model.

WACS is present in 103 countries and has more than 10 million members. The association has granted this award previously to only forty schools world wide and CSHM is the first Spanish school to obtain such recognition, complying with the requirements expressed in 37 parameters.

During the presentation and the act of recognition was chaired by Mr. Frikridsson and attended by a group of managers, teachers and students from CSHM. Furthermore, a group of journalists and gastronomic popularisers, several Madrilenian gastronomic organisations which were represented by its main body (Association of cooks and confectioners of Madrid, ACYRE, and Slow Food Madrid, which showed its satisfaction and pride that Madrid welcomed the first Spanish WACS school).

At the end of the event, attendees could enjoy a few cocktails made by Drinksmotion, savoury mini-waffles prepared by CSHM students, a selection of home-made pasta by Fiore d’Italia and a few snacks from Charlie Champagne.

CSHM, Reconocimiento WACS


“Young people are the future of the kitchen and that boils down to passion and good training. This is why we have given our recognition to CSHM. What we need in this sector are schools which work as well and good, with passion and effort. Congratulations to the entire team that helped CSHM become the 41st school in the world that meets the strict parameters which are required by the WACS Education Committee”.

Ragnar Fridriksson, General Manager at WACS.

“From now on, the culinary CSHM students will have a double degree, certified grades and the diploma of ‘Global Chef Degree’, endorsed by the World Association of Chefs Societies. This is an element which can make the difference for our students in order to be recruited in an international company”.

Enrique Niñerola, Director CSHM Madrid.

“At the Centro Superior de Hostelería Mediterráneo we work tirelessly with a main motivation: our students. We know that our main mission as an educational centre is to ensure that they complete their study course with the best possible training, both professional and human”.

José Wieden, Director CSHM Valencia.

“This recognition of WACS to a Spanish culinary school is a before and an after. Finally, a Spanish school has entered the elite group of schools with recognition from WACS. Belonging fully entitled to this club is beneficial not only to CSHM, its public screening and its students, but for the whole sector in Spain. This recognition opens up new ways and opportunities thanks to the initiative and efforts of the Centro Superior de Hostelería Mediterráneo”.

Ángel Campillo, General Director CSHM Development Group.

“This is a great achievement, but we will not stop here: in the coming days the conversations start with other Spanish schools to unify criteria, agree on actions and present a common front which imposes Spanish culinary education in to place to which we can aspire”.

José Manuel Iglesias, Director of the Academic Expansion Group CSHM, and liaison with WACS.

“That the World Association of Chefs certifies the quality of a Spanish schools with hits recognition is a great event. For this reason I have agreed to give a Master Class at this school, giving my support to the work they do”.

Adolfo Muñoz, Chef.

“As the President of Slow Food Madrid I am proud that a hospitality school from Madrid achieved this level of excellence set by WACS. I believe that this puts the Centro in a Benchmark position, especially when they meet the requirements of an organisation that is so demanding. Furthermore, it is committed to observe and spread the ideology and philosophy of Slow Food, the defence of biodiversity, promoting the education of taste and gastronomic culture”.

Juan José Burgos, President of Slow Food Madrid.

“As President of the Madrilenian Chefs, I want to say that is of great pride for the Madrilenian cuisine that the first Spanish certified school by WACS in Spain is in our community. I am sure that this important distinction will collaborate and greatly improve the quality of gastronomic teaching in Madrid”.

Narciso Barraza, President of ACYRE (Association of cooks and confectioners of Madrid).

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