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Platos y la carta Foodmed


FoodMed combines the most recognized dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine (Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Arab countries) in a concept of a healthy and organic cuisine. The selection of green products (fruits, vegetables, legumes, dried fruits), bread and other cereals (wheat as basic food), the olive oil as a main fat, the vinegar and a regular consumption of wine in a moderated quantities, meat and fish from the Mediterranean Sea, everything of these makes that FoodMed restaurants’ menu has a natural balance, traditional and healthy, towards a nutrition with a common sense.

The main characteristics of a FoodMed restaurants’ menu are:

  • Menu design with products of a standard quality, easy to obtain and prepare and at the same time very economical that permits to prepare identical dishes in every restaurant adjusting to different tastes, flavours and preferences in every country with a high profitability.

  • Dishes that express a concept of a healthy and organic cuisine that doesn’t need and doesn’t include elements like preservatives or additives that are generally not natural. Its preservative is cold.
  • Products with their own nutrients that comply with all the principles of food safety.
  • Because of its character it is not necessary to have some industrial kitchens or sophisticated equipment not even some spacious areas for storage or famous chefs, everything that may notably reduce the initial inversion.