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  1. Use of olive oil as a main fat. This product represents a treasure inside the Mediterranean diet and has persisted over centuries in the regional gastronomic customs, giving all dishes unique taste and sent.
  2. Consumption of vegetable originated products: fruits, vegetables, legumes and dried fruit.
  3. Bread and products from cereals (pasta, rise and especially their integral products)
  4. Appreciation of the minimally processed, fresh and seasonal food.
  5. Daily consumption of dairy products, mainly yoghurt and cheese.
  6. Red meat should be consumed in moderation and as a part of stews or other recipes. Processed meat in small amounts and as an ingredient of sandwiches and dishes.
  7. Fish consumption in abundance and eggs in moderation.
  8. Dried fruit should be a regular dessert. Sweets and cakes should be consumed occasionally.
  9. The water is a beverage par excellence around Mediterranean. Wine should be consumed in moderation and during meals.
  10. Doing physical activity every day, since it is as important as eating appropriately.