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Technician of a Higher Degree in the Cuisine Management


Technician of a higher degree. Official Spanish title

What I would learn?

How to manage and organize production and services in the kitchen, to specify offers and resources, to control all the procurement activities, production and services, to fulfil all the economic objectives, to follow the established quality protocols and to act in accordance with the hygiene standards, to prevent occupational risks and to protect the environment.

This professional will be able to:

  • To define products and services that the company offers taking into account parameters of the strategic project.
  • To devise the production and services processes, to determine the organisational structure and necessary resources taking into account company goals.
  • To determine the culinary products offer, taking into account all the variables as to fix the prices and to standardise processes.
  • To plan activities and organize resources taking into account the production needs.
  • To conduct the procurement, storage and distribution of raw materials, in suitable conditions, controlling the quality and related documentation.
  • To control the servicing of the workplace, machinery, utilities and tools.
  • To verify the pre-processing and/or regeneration that is necessary to be enforced to the variety of raw materials in order to use them later.
  • Organize the realization of culinary creations, taking into account the standardization of the processes, for the later decoration/termination or conservation.
  • To supervise the decoration/termination of the creations according to the needs and protocols established before, for the later conservation or service.

Professional Modules

First year:

  • Control of the raw materials procurement process.    ( 64 hrs)
  • Pre – processing and conservation processes in the kitchen.  (256 hrs)
  • Culinary elaboration processes. (256 hrs)
  • Quality and security management and food hygiene.  (96 hrs)
  • English language course (96 hrs)
  • Training and labour orientation.   (96 hrs)

Second year:

  • Pastry and confectionery elaborations in cuisine (160 hrs)
  • Production Management in cuisine (160 hrs)
  • Gastronomy and nutrition (60 hrs)
  • Human resources and team management in the restaurant business. (60 hrs)
  • Administrative and commercial management in the restaurant business.  (60 hrs)
  • Company and entrepreneurship.    (60 hrs)
  • Technical English ( 40 hrs)
  • Cuisine Management project (40 hrs)
  • Training in the workplace.  (400 hrs)

2000 hours. 2 school years

Technician of a Higher Degree in the Cuisine Management

The title of the Technician of a Higher Degree in the Cuisine Management permits the direct access to the training leading to the university titles with the grade, in the conditions of the admission that are established.

In accordance with the current standards, the following titles have the same professional and academic effects:

  • Technician Specialist in the Hotel Business, Hotel Business and Tourism branch (FP2)
  • Superior Technician in restaurant business (LOGSE)

You can also attend the postgraduate course Cuisine and Pastry Management with the duration of nine months that is realised by our school with the same title.

You can start the higher grade course when you meet some of the following requirements:

  • Estar en posesión del Título de Bachiller o Segundo de Bachillerato de cualquier modalidad de Bachillerato experimental. – To possess the Bachelor Degree Title or the Senior High School of any type of Baccalaureate experimental.
  • Haber superado la prueba de acceso a ciclos formativos de grado superior. Para presentarte tienes que tener al menos 19 años en el año que se realiza la prueba o 18 para quienes poseen el título de Técnico relacionado con el ciclo al que quieres acceder. Existen exenciones parciales de la prueba reguladas por cada Comunidad Autónoma. – To have passed the admissions test for training courses of a higher degree. To apply you have to be at least 19 years old in the year when the test is conducted or 18 years old for those who possess a Technician title related to the course you would like to access. There are partial exemptions from the test that are regulated by each Autonomous Community.
  • Haber superado la prueba de acceso a la universidad para mayores de 25 años. – To have passed the admissions test to the university for the adults of 25 years.
  • Estar en posesión de un Título de Técnico Superior o Técnico Especialista. – To possess the title of a Technician of a Higher Degree or Technician Specialist.
  • Haber superado el curso de Orientación Universitaria. (COU) o Preuniversitario. – To pass the course of University or Pre-University Orientation (COU).
  • Estar en posesión de cualquier Titulación Universitaria o equivalente. – To possess any University Title or equivalent.
  • Poseer un título de Técnico de Grado Medio y haber superado un curso de formación específico para el acceso a ciclos de grado superior en centros públicos o privados autorizados por la Administración educativa. – To possess the title of a Technician of a Medium Degree and to have passed a training course specificly prepared to access a higher degree in a public or private centres authorised by educational administration.


To be consulted

Our school offers the accommodation in flats shared with our students. You can stay in double or single room.

Classes are entirely practical. Our school has its own restaurants that are open to the public where the practical classes are being held.

Our students can also accomplish their practical trainings in the best companies in the Valencian Community with the possibility of extension trainings in other Spanish communities or abroad.

And after finishing my studies?

Where to work:

This professional can work in big, medium – sized and also in small-sized companies principally in the hotel business sector, in particular, in the subsector of restaurant business, being able to work in the small establishments, in many occasions, as an owner and responsible for the cuisine at the same time.

Continuing your studies:

  • Professional specialization courses.
  • Other Higher Degree Professional Training Course with the possibility of establishing revalidations of modules in accordance with the current standards.
  • University Education with the possibility of establishing revalidations in accordance with the current standards

What are the professional possibilities?

  • Food and beverage manager
  • Cuisine manager
  • Head of the cuisine production
  • Head of the cuisine
  • Second Head of the cuisine
  • Head of the catering operations
  • Team leader
  • Cook
  • Person in charge of warehouses and wine shops