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Technician of a Medium Degree in Cuisine and Gastronomy

Technician of a Medium Degree. Official Spanish Title

What I would learn?

To execute all the operations of handling, preparation, conservation and presentation of all types of the food, to make the gastronomic offers and to learn all the service activities, to achieve the quality and the established economic objectives and to apply all the standards of security and hygiene.

The units of competence:

  • To prepare gastronomic offers, to conduct the procurement and to control the usage.
  • To handle the raw and conserve all types of the food.
  • To prepare and present the basic preparations and simple dishes.
  • To prepare and present pastry and confectionery products.
  • To prepare services like ¨buffet¨, ¨self-service or alike, to prepare food and beverages at the customer’s sight and to learn the service activities.
  • To prepare and present different types of dishes of the regional, national, international and creative cuisine.
  • To conduct the administration, management and marketing of the small company or a workshop.

And after finishing my studies?

Cook in any type of company and/or accommodation. Team leader. Employee of the warehouses and wine shops department in a hotel, restaurant, hospital,  company  etc

Throught the work experience and the complementary training of the short cycle, this profile can develop into the chef.

Professional Modules

First year:

  • Pre-processing and conservation of the food  (256 hrs.)
  • Culinary Techniques (256 hrs)
  • Pastry and confectionery basic processes ( 224)
  • Security and hygiene in the food handling (64 hrs)
  • English language course  (64 hrs)
  • Training and labour orientation. (96 hrs)

Second year:

  • Gastronomic Offers (88 hrs)
  • Desserts en Restaurant Business (198 hrs)
  • Culinary Products (264 hrs)
  • English Language Course  (44 hrs)
  • Company and entrepreneurship (66 hrs.)
  • FCT (380)

2000 hours. 2 school years

Technician in Cuisine and Gastronomy

A student that obtains this title will be able to access the secondary school of the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Health and Nature Sciences or to continue the studies of a Superior Technician in one of the training courses of the same Professional Family, if one has eighteen years old and have passed the appropriate admission test.

You can also access the postgraduate course in the Cuisine and Pastry Management that lasts nine months and that is conducted by the same school with the same title.

In accordance with the current standards, the following titles have the same professional effects:

  • Technician Assistant in Services, Hotel Business and Tourism (FP1)
  • Technician Assistant in Hotel Business – Restaurant – Bar, Hotel Business and Tourism branch (Experimental Module of the 2 level)
  • In accordance with the current standards, the following titles have the same professional and academic effects:
  • Technician in Restaurant and bar services (LOGSE)

Direct access:

  • Graduate of the secondary obligatory school.
  • Students with the 2.º of the BUP approved.
  • Graduate of the first grade Professional Training (Technician Assistant)
  • Graduate of the medium grade Professional Training (Technician)
  • To have passed the second course o f the first experimental cycle of the secondary education reform.
  • To have passed, for the Plastic Arts and Craft Arts, the third course of the plan from 1963 or the second of the experimental commons.
  • Other equivalent titles with the academic effects.

Access via test:

Without having finished any of the academic requirements from the direct access, candidate must be over seventeenth years before the date of 31st of December in the year of the course and to pass the admission test.


To be consulted

Our school offers an accommodation in flats shared with our students. You can stay in a double or single room.

Classes are entirely practical. Our school has its own restaurants that are open to the public where the practical classes are being held.

Our students can also accomplish their practical trainings in the best companies in the Valencian Community with the possibility of extension trainings in other Spanish communities or abroad.