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Technician of a Medium Degree in the Restaurant Services

Technician of a Medium Degree. Official Spanish title.

What I would learn?

How to conduct the activities of preparation, presentation and service of food and beverages, as well as the activities of a customer service in the field of  restaurant business.

This professional will be able to :

  • To choose food and beverage service type that is necessary to be carried out on the basis of the information given.
  • To prepare the workplace, machinery, utilities and tools to adjust the different production units and/or presentation of services.
  • To execute the processes and operations of pre-service and/or post-service needed for the development of the activities of production and/or presentation of services, taking into account the field of the performance and the standardization of the processes.
  • To develop activities of a consumer service.
  • To receive, store and distribute raw materials.

This education process contains the knowledge necessary to:

  • Conduct the activities of the basic level of occupational risks prevention.
  • To be able to obtain the food – handler card.

Professional Modules

First year:

  • Basic operations in bar-cafeteria. (256 hrs)
  • Basic operations in restaurant.  (256 hrs)
  • Wine and its service. ( 96)
  • Security and hygiene in the food – handling ( 64 hrs)
  • English language course ( 128 hrs)
  • Training and labour orientation.   (96 hrs)

Second year:

  • Bar-cafeteria services.   (154 hrs)
  • Services in restaurant and during special events.  ( 242 hrs)
  • Gastronomic offers  ( 88 hrs)
  • Communication in the restaurant Business techniques. (66 hrs)
  • Company and entrepreneurship.  (66 hrs)
  • English language course.  ( 44 hrs)
  • Training in the workplace.  (380 hrs)

2000 hours. 2 school years.

Restaurant Services Technician

The student who obtains the title will be able to access the baccalaureate studies or to continue other studies of professional training. Candidate can also start the postgraduate course in the field of cuisine and pastry management that lasts nine months. This course is realized by our school with the same title.

In accordance with the current standards, the following titles have the same professional and academic effects:

  • Assistant Technician in Services, Hotel Business and Tourism branch. (FP1)
  • Assistant Technician in Hotel Business – Restaurant – Bar, Hotel Business and Tourism branch  (Experiment Module of the 2nd Level).
  • In accordance with the current standards, the following titles have the same professional and academic effects:
  • Technician in Restaurant and Bar Services

To acquire a title of a Technician of a Higher Degree or Technician Specialist.

  • To pass the course of University Orientation (COU)  or Pre-University Orientation
  • To possess any University Title or equivalent.
  • To possess a title of the Technician of a Medium Degree and to have passed a training course specifically prepared to access a higher degree in a public or private centres authorised by educational administration.
  • To passed the admissions test for training courses of a higher degree. To apply the candidate should be at least 19 years old in the year when the test is conducted or 18 years old for those who possess a Technician title related to the course you would like to access. There are partial exemptions from the test that are regulated by each Autonomous Community.
  • To passed the admissions test to the university for the adults of 25 years.


To be consulted

Our school offers an accommodation in flats shared with our students. You can stay in a double or single room.

Classes are entirely practical. Our school has its own restaurants that are open to the public where the practical classes are being held.

Our students can also accomplish their practical trainings in the best companies in the Valencian Community with the possibility of extension trainings in other Spanish communities or abroad.