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International internships can be remunerated to facilitate the companies a certain sum of money to run the administrative costs of the student’s stay, influencing the language level. Internships in Spain are not remunerated.

Our institution conducts the internships in companies and students’ exchanges for more than ten years. During that time more than 13,150 foreign and Spanish students have realised professional training in Valencian and Spanish companies.


The main objective is that students acquire a working, professional and education experience at the international level that will allow them to get a broader perspective of companies, their clients and the fully globalised business world.

Companies’ types: The companies that we are collaborating with are form different economy sectors like: agriculture, chemistry, trade, agri-food, law, engineering, architecture, press, sports, music, motorization, etc.

We are specialized in tourism companies, the best hotels and restaurants of Valencia Community, Spain and Europe allowed our students to conduct their internships.

The functional areas where the internships are developing are: Trade, Reception, Kitchen, Administration, Restaurant Bar service, Tourist Animation, Trade and Marketing, Rural Tourism and Ecotourism, etc.

The internship period lasts all year, especially during summer (July, August, September etc.) It is possible to start at the beginning of each month.

The provided services are:

  • Job placement in a high level companies within the selected area.
  • Personalised supervision of internships and tutorials.
  • Accommodation with families or in students’ apartments on full board, half board or accommodation only.
  • Accommodation in companies that offer this kind of service.
  • Spanish language course with highly qualified teachers ready to teach foreign students.

  • Other specialized courses like Spanish cuisine course, customer service course, managing course, etc.
  • Support with local transport.
  • Meeting concerning adjustment to living in Valencia for foreign students.
  • Preparation and organization of city sightseeing and cultural visits.
  • Transport: Airport – Accommodation – Airport.
  • Support 24 hours a day 7 days in a week.
  • Final certificate of the internship and Europass.
  • Etc.

The Centro Superior de Hosteleria del Mediterraneo together with the Asociación de Empresarios del Turismo y Comercio de la Comunidad Valenciana (AETCV) has come up with this internship program so that Latin-American students can see other ways of working and other profiles of tourism and gastronomy companies.

Addressed to: Graduates and students on their last semesters of universities or other educational institutions in Latin America.

Company types: 4 and 5 stars hotels in Valencia Community and high class restaurants.  Valencia Community is one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain and Europe, that has one of the broadest and the most modern hotels offer in Spain that are able to locate 25 millions of visitors per year.

The Valencian cuisine is one of the most recognised in Spain and it also constitutes great support for the “Mediterranean diet” that has been recently declared the Humanity’s Heritage. The Paella Valenciana is one of the dishes most recognised within the global gastronomy.

We are specialized in the management of Erasmus and BTS students as well as in other programs concerning higher education from countries like Italy, Great Britain and Germany. Programs that we conduct are:

  • Students on internships

The fulfilment of the internship period during the period of time that the student wants. The minimum stay is 2 weeks and maximum 12 months.

  • Teachers mobility

For the mobility of teachers of the higher education institutions and companies to teach and to promote competencies and experience through pedagogical methods.

  • Staff training

Trainings for the teaching staff mobility and also higher educational institutions’ personnel.

  • Intensive programs

Organization of short-term study programs in which students and teaching personnel of universities from different countries can participate.

  • Intensive language course

Spanish and Valencian language courses.

  • Preparatory visits

To receive professionals from the higher education institutions that would like to participate in Erasmus or BTS programs to get to know other education centres or other organisations to form a partnership with them in order to develop their mobility program.

For all of them we work out a budget adjusted to their needs and requirements.

Our institution would like to facilitate for other European institutions the possibility of carrying out their Leonardo activities in Valencia and for it collaborates in:

  • Supporting participants with their educational activities and with the continued training in the acquisition and use of knowledge, competencies and qualifications with a view to personal and professional development.
  • Supporting the quality improvement and systems innovation, institutions and education internships and professional education.
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the professional training and the mobility for the companies and private person and to facilitate the mobility of workers on training.

Concerning projects:

  • Mobility Projects that can include:
    • Transnational stays in companies or training centres for people on Initial Vocational Training (IVT)
    • Transnational stays in companies or training centres for people in the labour market (PLM)
    • Stays and exchanges – Mobility for Vocational Education and Training Professionals (VETPro)
  • Multilateral Projects for Innovation Transfer
  • Leonardo da Vinci associations
  • Preparatory visit to help any institution, organization or entity that would like to participate in one of the activities of the Leonardo da Vinci Program, to get to know other institutions or organizations to go into partnership with them in the development of their actions of mobility, innovation or associations transfers.

The Centro Superior de Hosteleria del Mediterraneo can also help different types of European organizations in the maintaining different sector programs Grundtvig.

  • Learning partnerships of mutual interest for the participating organisations from countries that integrate them.
  • Assistantships Grundtvig for a personnel and future training personnel for adult in any field, that would be able to move for a longer period to collaborate in one educational institution for adults, an NGO etc.
  • Continued training of the education personnel for adults, with the objective to improve the professional development of a teaching personnel for adults, facilitating the course attendance that will benefit in a high quality training, better than competition and a broader view of a lifelong learning in Europe.

  • Volunteering projects for older people, that facilitate the realization of exchanges of older volunteers of 50 years to develop initiatives based on use of knowledge and learning in an European country.
  • Grundtvig Seminary, action through which institutions from the field of adults education can organize seminaries of varied subjects addressed to people of more than 18 years old, that forms a learning experience of a multinational European character.
  • Visits and exchanges aimed at improving the educational competencies, management and adjustment of personnel and future personnel of adults education through observing practices in associated institutions, assistance during conferences or seminaries.
  • Preparatory visits, an aid for mobility so that representative of an institution can take part in a contact seminar or in a meeting with a future members.

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